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Hey Techies, I am Sanu Sinha and am from Gaya, Bihar. I am preparing for CA but I have a love of tech. Most of the free time, I am busy with my laptop for writing Tech News and having fun with making videos. I hope you guys will love my work.

About MFL Info & Tech:

MFL Info & Tech is a media company where we work hard to provide you with the latest happening in the tech. You can also find MFL Info & Tech on YouTube. You will find stuff related to techs such as Leaks, Mobiles, Apps, Review and you will also find tips related to day-to-day life activity.

A Big Thanks To Youthistaan:


YOUTHISTAAN is a news/media company which provides qualitative and effective news and various content. Founder of Youthistaan, Vedant Dave helped me a lot in creating my website. You can check his website if you are in search of interviews, travel tips, and cool quotes. Also, you will find content related to tech.


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