Bridgefy V2.1 Offline Messaging APK Download Now

Bridgefy V2.1 Offline Messaging APK Download Now

There are a lot of interesting apps available in the Play Store. But, some apps are built for the purpose of helping users. So, there is a most popular app which is available in the Play Store which should be downloaded by every user. As the features of the Bridgefy give you the way to send a message without SIM and internet. So, in this article, we are providing you with the Bridgefy APK V2.1 download.  We will also give you the tutorial for Bridgefy App Download and link of Bridgefy V2.1.27 APK Download:

Bridgefy Features:

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The Bridgefy is an offline messaging app that lets you chat between your friends and family when you can’t access the Internet. But, you are thinking then how it will work? So, this app works with your Bluetooth Antenna. It will likely to help you in Natural Disasters, Sports Stadium, Playgrounds, Rooms and more. For the offline messaging you have to turn on your Bluetooth Antenna. You can also use this app for sending message to anywhere in the world when you have an internet connection. So, you can use this app for both offline and online messaging.

How does it work?

As we all know that the Offline mode works with the Bluetooth antenna. So, in the app there is a different mode where you can chat with your friend without internet connection:

Person to Person Mode:

Therefore, when you turn on the Bluetooth then you can message your friends and family who are within 330Ft (100Meter) from you. This is Person to Person Mode.

Mesh Mode:

In Mesh Mode, users can chat to users who are not in the 330Ft Range. It will only work when there are a Bridgefy Users so, the app will redirect the message from there Bluetooth Antenna. For Example, If you are Person 1 and in the middle, there is Person 2 and the last Person 3. So, you can message Person 3 with the help of Person 2 but your messages will remain safe. And, it can be done to an unlimited person which makes a chain by which you can send messages who are much far from you.

Broadcast Mode:

You can generally use this mode for taking help. Simply, go to Broadcast Mode and send a message and it will go to every Bridgefy users who are in your contact and who are not in your contact.

Online Mode:

There is an online mode where you can send a message to anyone with the help of internet connection. So, you can also use this app for sending messages when you have an Internet connection.

Bridgefy App Download:

You can download the app from Google Playstore and there is a link by which you can start Bridgefy APK Download.

Bridgefy App Download From Playstore

Bridgefy APK Download:

You can download the APK by following these steps:

  • Open APKPure in your browser
  • Open
  • Search for Bridgefy in the site of APKPure
  • Click on the most relevant search
  • Click on Download APK from the site and start downloading the APK
  • You can directly go to the download page by clicking on the link given below

Bridgefy V2.1.27 APK Download

Steps to Install the APK:

Follow these steps to install the APK:

  • After downloading, open the APK
  • Open the APK, it will ask you for the permission to Install from Unknown Sources
  • Give Permission and Click on install APK
  • It will start installing the APK
  • Therefore, Open the App and complete set-up
  • Your app is now ready for the use

That’s All For Today. Stay Tuned To MFL Info & Tech For More Stuff.

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