Download BurnerGuard App Now: A Privacy Safety App By Burner Media

Burner Media which is owned by TechBurner aka Shlok Srivastava has come up with a new app regarding safety and privacy. We know that GoI has banned more than 50 apps which were harmful and stealing data from your device. And, much of the brands were also doing the same thing. Xiaomi and Poco were still giving banned apps in their new device, but later after updates, it was removed. So, Burner Media Team has launched the BurnerGuard App. The BurnerGuard App collects the information about which installed and pre-installed apps on your device is taking what permission. For Example: If you have permitted microphone to online shopping apps. There is no need to give that permission. So, the Burner Guard App will let you know with it. Therefore, check How To Download BurnerGuard App and How To Setup BurnerGuard App on your device.

Download BurnerGuard App: Features

BurnerGuard is the solution for all the unwanted permissions for all apps. Rather than this feature, there are a lot of other features too, which makes the app awesome. Let’s have a look at the BurnerGuard Features:

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  • Minimal UI: BurnerGuard has one of the cleanest UI you can ever see in any App. The UI is clean and divides the section to provide a great sneak-peek of all the features inside.
  • Minimal Categorization: The app divides apps into three easy-to-understand, to-the-point categories – Safe, Extra, and Risky – based on the permissions they ask you to grant. These will tell you exactly how much of a risk an application poses to your data.
  • Scan System Apps: With the increasing threats to data from several new parties, including phone manufacturers, it is essential to be aware of the software that is irrevocably tied to your phone. As a smart user, you should be vigilant about system apps too – we seek to make your job easier.
  • 100% Secure: BurnerGuard NEVER records any data for malicious purposes. Your data are entirely safe on your phone.
  • Bulk Uninstall: Uninstall junk apps using our Bulk Uninstaller easily. You will be able to know the origin of the apps, i.e., India, US, China and more.
  • Logger: BurnerGuard comes with a custom-made background service to keep track of permissions when you grant or deny them to an app. Now you can easily track the specific data your phone shares with applications and can revoke unnecessary permissions whenever you feel like, with just a couple clicks.

How To Download BurnerGuard App on Your Device

BurnerGuard App is now available on Play Store. And, it is loved by the users very much only because they were able to track what data were installed apps taking from their device.

Download BurnerGuard App

How To Setup BurnerGuard App on Your Device

Follow these ways to setup BurnerGuard App on your device:

  • After installing, Open the app.
  • It will ask you for the first time “Scan”.
  • Click on “Scan” and wait for a few moments.
  • After it, You will see tabs of Risky, Extra, and Safe. It means apps with risky permissions, apps with extra permissions, and apps with safe permission.
  • So, take a look at that and “Revoke” the permission.

Note: The Database is being updated. So, you are free to give feedback to Team Support.

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