Download BurnerScanner: Best Alternative For CamScanner

Download BurnerScanner: Best Alternative For CamScanner

Burner Media which is owned by TechBurner aka Shlok Srivastava has come up with a new app which will help you in day-to-day life. The BurnerScanner APK Download for the device is now available. And, we are here with the all-new BurnerScanner App Features. So, Download BurnerScanner APK if you also want to scan Documents in High Quality. The BurnerScanner By Burner Media will bring a great scanning experience. The BurnerScanner by TechBurner also lets you add signature in the image. It’s quite impressive. So, we are here with the TechBurner BurnerScanner App Download link. So, without any further ado, let’s know How to Download Burner Scanner App and How To install it after Downloading Burner Scanner APK:

Download BurnerScanner By Burner Media: Features

So, here are all features that you will get on the app after Downloading Burner Scanner App.

The BurnerScanner comes with a lot of new features that will definitely help you in scanning documents, QR Code and much more. So, check out the features below:

Scan: There are a lot of modes where you can Scan Documents, ID Card, QR Code, PDF, OCR and ID Photo. All of these modes are made on the basis of usage by normal users and students.

Edit: You can do editing in your Document after capturing photos. So, you will be able to Crop, Rotate, Resize, Reorder and apply filters in the documents.

Add Pages: You can add multiple pages in the document after scanning.

Filters: There are a lot of filters such as Black & White, Colour which comprises of Auto Colour, GrayScale, White Board and more filters will be coming in the future.

Resize: One of the best features of the app is resizing. You can resize your document in the A4 Portrait, A4 Landscape, A3 Portrait, A3 Landscape, A5 Portrait, and A5 Landscape. It will help in resizing your document for optimised view.

Signature: Our most liked feature of the App is signature. The Signature is rarely found in some apps. So, by this feature, you will be able to add Signature in your Documents which will gradually help in sending to Schools, Offices and other working places.

Export: You can save your document in JPEG as well as PDF with the app.

PDF Editor: There is also a PDF Editor mode which will help in editing the PDF. You can add signature, text and annotations.

Download BurnerScanner App By TechBurner

Here is the link provided below from where you can download BurnerScanner.

Download Burner Scanner APK Now

Note: Burner Media Team is continuously working on the apps for providing a great experience to the users. If you want any new feature as well as you have faced some issue while using the app then you can write in the feedback of the app.

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