How To Buy GTA 5 From Epic Games For Free

How To Buy GTA 5 From Epic Games For Free

GTA 5 one of the most famous and chilling game is available on Epic Games For Free. Yeah! You will be getting the GTA 5 For Free From the Epic Games. GTA 5 is available around Rs. 2,000, and Now its is available on Epic Games For Free. Every Year, Epic Games provide one game for free and its the time for most loved GTA 5. The GTA 5 Online Game is now free, and we are providing you with the tutorial for How To Buy GTA 5 For Free. So, GTA 5 is available for only a few days. So, read the full article to know more about GTA 5:

How To Buy GTA 5 For Free

The GTA 5 is available on Epic Games for free. So, follow the given steps to buy GTA 5 For Free:

  • Open Official Site of Epic Games.
  • Log-in to Epic Games (if you are new to it then link your account).
  • When you started to set up your account, then choose a username for your self. And, after it, you will be successfully logged in to Epic Games.
  • So, when you have logged in, you need to verify your account with Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) so, there will be options like through message, app and email.
  • Then, choose Message Verification because it is much faster than others.
  • So, when you have successfully verified, then search for your GTA 5 Online Game.
  • Then, Click on Get Button.
  • And, then place your order.
  • After it, you will receive a receipt for the purchase.
  • So, enjoy playing game after buying it.

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GTA 5 Online Game Download Size

So, GTA 5 is a famous and lovely game. Thus, the game download size is around 94GB. Therefore, download the game by Wi-Fi.

Note: We will suggest you buy GTA 5 because it will be available in your account for free till lifetime. So, you can buy it now and download it whenever you want to play the game.

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