How To Start A New Website At Low Cost: Check

How To Start A New Website At Low Cost: Check

Nowadays, starting a website is being passioned for many users. Some create for blogging, some for selling products and more. Users can create two types of website free and custom. By both the website you can earn profit by providing quality of work to users. Many beginners want to start a new website but they don’t know much about that. So, today we are providing you with the information How to start a website for free and How to start a website for business. Also, we will tell you with the right way of creating a website:

How to start a website for free and paid:

Many users want to start a website but they don’t know the proper way of starting it. We all know that blogging is one of the good full time and part-time profession by which users can earn profit from different sources like Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, and more. So, here is detailed information for starting a website.

Required things for creating a website:

Here is the way by which you can start the website:

  • Buying Domain
  • Buying Hosting and themes
  • Customising the site
  • Publishing site
  • Applying for Adsense and other sources of profit

Detailed Information:

Buying Domain:

Every user knows about Domain and Hosting. The domain is an address by which anyone can get to your site ( Domains are of two types: Free and Custom(Paid). If you don’t want to invest money on a domain or you are only starting a website to get famous on the internet then you can choose the free domain. The free domains look like ( But, if you want your own name and own settings then you can go for custom/paid domain. But, you have to pay for the domain you have to buy. There are many custom domain which is .in, .com, .org and more.

Users mostly buy .in and .com as they think that it is much better for blogging and business. As there is no difference between all the domains. Users buy it because most people search for .in and .com sites. The .in and .com domain will cost you ₹435 and ₹566 when you buy it from Hostinger. You can also check offers on the other site.

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Hosting is the most important part of the website. If you are a beginner then you can go for the low-cost hostings as WordPress shared hosting. Another hosting will cost you high and I preferred you to buy hosting from the Hostinger, Godaddy and more. But, Hostinger provides you with the low-cost WordPress Shared Hosting. My site is also powered with the Hostinger Basic Shared Web Hosting.

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There are three WordPress Hosting but I will suggest you go with the Single WordPress Hosting if you are a newcomer or you can go with the Premium and Business WordPress Hosting if you can afford it. There is also an offer of a Free Domain if you buy the Hosting for 4 years. Also, my website is powered by Hostinger. It only costs Rs. 2200 for 2yr after applying “ZINDEX” for getting a discount.

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After buying a domain and hosting, the main work you have to do is customising theme. You can go with Free and Premium. But, I will tell you to go with the Premium Theme by buying them. If you are starting for blogging then you can go for Newsmag and Newspaper and more themes. My website is powered by the Newspaper Theme. After the customisation of the theme, you have to publish your site. The more your site will look beautiful and eye-catchy the more users will prefer it.


You have to write quality of blogs and another thing for which you are starting your site. For earning you can go with the Adsense, Adclerks, Affiliate and more. You can apply for Adsense but before applying carefully read all the Policy of the Adsense. In the Adsense, you will get money for each click on the Ads shown on your site. Don’t click on your own Ads as it will cause ban/suspensation of your account by google. You can also apply for Affiliates programs of Amazon, Alibaba and other sites. They will give you a commission for every purchase done from your link.

That’s all for starting the website and earning. But, always focus on providing good quality of contents on your site as you will get profit from your site as much your site will be beneficial for others. At first, you have to wait for some time but you will see success in it. If you are starting a website for only earning then it can be a bad idea. The first motive you should have is to provide the best quality posts to your viewers then you will automatically start getting profit from your site.

Free Website:

If you are thinking to start a free website then you can create. You can choose WordPress, blogger and more. All the steps are similar to the Customs website. There is no difference. As you will miss some key features. But, as many users think that they can’t earn from your free website but it is fully wrong information. Anyone can earn from the website either it is free or paid.

You can also get approval on your free site as Google always promotes a good quality of content. So, you can also earn from your site when you start a free website. But, if you want to use all features like a paid website then you have to buy a domain and hosting for it. But, you have to also give time to your site regularly. So, think before starting the website. If you are only thinking to get famous then you can also go with the free site. As you can also promote your Personal account and another site from it. You can also use the free website for knowing all things of the site and after getting success in it then you can move to paid domains and hosting.

That’s All For Today. Stay Tuned To MFL Info & Tech For More Stuff.

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