How to turn off Ads in Realme Devices: Check Here

Realme the younger brand always competing with Xiaomi in all aspects. As we all know that Xiaomi shows Ads in their devices. Now, the same thing is started to happen with Realme. Now, after the commencement of 2020, Realme showing their Realme Ads on their Realme devices. Many users have trolled Realme for this. But, what led Realme to show ads and Realme also responded that the users can turn off Ads in Realme Devices. So, read the full article to know How to disable Ads on Realme devices and why Realme showing Ads:

Why Realme showing Ads?

As Realme started showing Ads in their Realme Devices. But, nobody knows why Realme started showing Ads. As we all know that Realme is selling devices at low cost and providing many new features to them. As the price war of all the brands is currently on so, many brands provide mobile at low cost but they are not able to make a proper profit. That why they started showing Ads. These Ads help brands in recovering lost and making the profit that they have suffered. This condition belongs to many brands but some brands are showing Ads only for making profit which is bad for the users. Sometimes, the Ads are irrelevant and annoy the users. So, users don’t want to get Ads. But, Realme has responded to this all happening that users can turn off Ads in Realme devices. Check below:

How to stop Ads in Realme 5 and other devices:

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Image Credit: Realme Community

As Realme started showing Ads. But, we like to inform you that it can be disabled very easily. Follow the steps given below:

How to disable Ads in Realme Devices:

Follow these steps to disable Realme Ads on your Realme devices:

  • Open Settings of your phone
  • Go to Additional Settings
  • Click on Get Recommendations
  • Toggle Off the Receive App and content and you will never see Ads on your Realme Devices

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