Indigo and AirAsia Starts Refunding Ticket Amount in place of Credit Shell

Indigo and AirAsia Starts Refunding Ticket Amount in place of Credit Shell

We all know that the Indian Government has imposed lockdown in India from 25th March 2020 due to COVID-19. And, after the lockdown extension flights, trains and other things were not operative. And, as per DGCA Guideline, the airlines were issuing Credit Shell for the bookings. But, a huge no. of the passenger was not happy with it, and they were regularly criticising it. Now, happy news for those who don’t want Credit Shell has come. The two airlines Indigo and AirAsia has started refunding PNR Amount for the Credit Shell to the passengers and to travel agent. Therefore, check Indigo Credit Shell News, AirAsia Credit Shell News and when you will get Indigo Credit Shell Refund and from other airlines:

AirAsia and Indigo Credit Shell News

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So, good news has come from They have said that “All passengers – booked on AirAsia and IndiGo – who want a refund instead of credit shell will get a refund and also we have started refunding amount to the customer in their bank account as soon as airlines refund the amount,” said CEO Nishat Pitti of

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It is good news for those who were demanding for the refund. Also, some other travel agent will even start refunding the amount. It is expected that Indigo has taken the time of 3 weeks for a refund and other travel agents like Ixigo will refund it as soon they get the refund.

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As per reports, Indigo has created more than Rs. 6,000 Crore of Credit Shell which is going to be refunded by them as the Government has ordered that Airlines can now operate flight by taking all measures. So, we will suggest you be in contact with your specific travel agent and airlines. And, receive the info about all these.

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