PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 Update brings motor glider and drone

PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 Update brings motor glider and drone

PUBG which is the most played game will be getting its next PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 Update. The PUBG new update will be including new drones and motor glider. This will be an interesting feature for the user as they will be getting motor glider by which they can perform tasks. So, read the full article to know more about PUBG 0.16.5 Update and PUBG Mobile Update:

PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 Update:

There are many new features that are going to come to the PUBG. As the updates were leaked from China. These features were spotted in the PUBG Labs. Therefore, here us the feature that is coming the next update:

Motor Glider:

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This vehicle is going to be added in the PUBG 0.16.5 update. So, the motor glider will be a lightweight plane that by users can use it for both drivings like car, helicopter and can also give damage through it. It is a two-seater vehicle so, it is not good for the squad but users who are playing single/duo will fun with it. The fan that is available in the backward will help in driving to the skies and by it, you can also give damage to the player. But, be alert because it is not much safe and you can suffer a direct hit from your opponent.

Also, the driver who is driving it will not be able to fire on the enemies. So, only your partner sitting behind you can fire on the enemies. So, took the driver wisely. In the PUBG New Update, it will be interesting for all the users as they will be getting a new vehicle in the PUBG Mobile 0.16.5.

Drones & Theme:

In the video shared by the Hindime Sikho, we can clearly see the drones available in the game. We all know that PUBG is getting interesting day-by-day by which users can play it with craziness. So, it will be one of the good features of the PUBG. The other things that you saw in the video are related to Christmas. A new vehicle like Christmas is coming. The maps are also going to change with the cold theme. So, we will be seeing a lot of new feature in the upcoming update. We are expecting that the drone will likely to help the player in seeing players who are hiding in the house and campaigning in the bridge. You can also give damage to the Drone by the gun. So, be alert while driving the drone and hiding in the places.

Colorblind Mode:

We are going to see a new Colorblind mode which will likely to help players in finding enemies. It will be a glass or it can be a new helmet which will give you to tune into this mode. You can also see the post shared by the PUBG on their Instagram. As the developers always like to share a post of upcoming feature by which users can get more craze for the game.

PUBG Mobile Update release date:

We are expecting that the update will roll-out in coming days or it can be roll-out on the eve of Christmas. But, if there is any bug in the update then we will likely to see these in the update in 2020. As there is no confirmation of the update release date from PUBG.

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