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We all know that everyone is using the Zoom App for Video Conferencing. But, as some reports started to come that Zoom is sharing data with China. Also, some other news started related to its security that caused in the hack of more than lakhs of the user’s account. After seeing all this, many famous companies disallowed its use. So, now some rumours are there that Indian Government launches Say Namaste App as a rival of Zoom. But is it true that the Government launched Say Namaste Video Conferencing App? So, we will discuss the Say Namaste Website along with Say Namaste App Download along with Say Namaste App Release Date:

Does the Indian Government launch Say Namaste App?

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There are many rumours and false news that the Indian Government launches the Say Namaste App. But, this is not true; The Say Namaste is not an app by the Indian Government, but a company is developing it. Currently, there are no apps available on the Play Store with the name of Say Namaste. But, the Say Namaste Video Conferencing App is in works and currently in beta phases. However, you can also create and join meetings through its official site.

Yes, there is an official website like Zoom where you can join the Video Conferencing and create video conferencing. So, in the Say Namaste, you can do video call with up to 25 Participants but, their developers are working to increase this limit and to make it an official rival of Zoom by directly growing no. of participants to 100. Therefore, after the development, they will be participating in the Innovation Challenge by Indian Government for Video Call Conferencing App. So, we can expect that the app will be launching soon. Click here to go to Say Namaste Website:

Say Namaste Video Conferencing App Owner and Developer:

The Owner of the App is CEO of Inscripts Mr Anuj Garg, and he said they had developed video conferencing of Say Namaste within two-days with a team of 50+ developer. He also said that the app is in beta phases so it can contain bugs and security issues. So, they are going to do a security audit of the app. Also, they have submitted it to Google and Apple for listing on their play store from where it can be downloaded. Also, he said that the app would be launched in the coming weeks.

Say Namaste App Release Date in India:

The Say Namaste Video Conferencing App is being developed. So, it can be released in the coming weeks. And, we can see the app after 30th April because it is the last submission date of the app of all participants. And, the final winner will be awarded prize money of 1 Crore.

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